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“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” Oscar Wilde

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“Sologamy, as it’s known, is a growing movement for men and women, with consultants and self-wedding planners popping up all over the world.”

BBC Three

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Perhaps sologamy is simply the inevitable next step for millenials… In these very modern marriages – as in so much else – the only constant appears to be themselves.”

The Telegraph


Sophie Tanner meets Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on This Morning.


“When I look back at my wedding photos it brings a tear to my eye and makes me want to relive it all over again. After all, I’ve promised to be my own best friend, and what could be better than that?” Reveal Magazine


“The fact is, I feel better when I am not living in a bubble with someone else, constantly wrestling with expectation. It is lovely to wake up and not deal with someone else’s weather. I feel brighter, more observant, more interesting. One discovery I’ve made is that I never bore myself.”


“Self-marriage isn’t actually a new idea, in Thomas Hardy’s Far From The Madding Crowd the feisty heroine, Bathsheba, actually utters the words: ‘Well, what I mean is that I shouldn’t mind being a bride at a wedding, if I could be one without having a husband. But since a woman can’t show off in that way by herself, I shan’t marry – at least yet.’ Well, maybe it’s time a woman can show off in that way.” Metro


“What puzzles me is when people react in anger; there have been a few critics who seem to be incensed by the idea, calling me a narcissist and attention seeker. In contrast, the whole point of self-marriage is the idea that if you love and care for yourself first, you are in a much better position to be open and sensitive to other people.” Red Orbit


“Self-marriage addresses the notion that being single and thoroughly enjoying it is a viable lifestyle choice, whether this is for a short period of time, during several stages in your life or for most of your adult years.” The Argus


“My wedding was a real celebration; my loved ones watched me commit to myself. I changed the traditional vows to be about one person, but the meaning was still the same. It was empowering.’ Marie Claire


“Sologamy isn’t recognised in the US or Europe but it is part of a growing self-empowerment movement. The benefits are plentiful – no pressure to change your perfectly decent surname, no doing sex with the same body again and again, no resentment over a lopsided cleaning rota. It’s all about real self-love. So you can see why people are into it.” Vice Magazine


“Other cultures have rites of passage which are seen as fundamental to human growth and development and I think self-marriage serves this purpose; it is not yet legally recognised but I hope one day it will be. ” Good Housekeeping

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