You can waste your life waiting for ‘the one’,  who’ll be your better half –

Who’ll keep you warm at night, listen to your problems, and make you laugh.


When people ask why you’re alone you may feel ashamed or incomplete,

Unable to explain why you haven’t been swept off your feet.


But, listen, there are many different types of love in this world

Aside from the classic narrative of ‘Boy meets Girl’


Though we all cling on to the romantic dream,

Tinder does nothing to boost self-esteem.


And, know this, people can be lonely together as well as apart,

The most important thing is that you take care of your heart.


Learn to enjoy your own company – reflect, dance and sing

There is untold reward in the joy this will bring.


Face up to your failures – when your bubble has burst –

You are in it for the long run, for better or worse.


Celebrate your flaws and hold your own hand

Even better, put a ring on it – a self-made wedding band.


Don’t measure yourself against other people and all that is formal

No one ever won an award for being normal.


When you look in the mirror there’s no need to pretend

Because you’ve already promised to be your own best friend.


You deserve to realise your hopes and for your dreams to come true

And the only person who can make them happen is YOU.


Embrace everyone who comes into your life; men and women, young and old,

If we all did this, no one would be left out in the cold.


Decide on your personal ‘happily ever after’ – there is no right or wrong

And, with this, you grant yourself the freedom to belong.


And, please, do not worry about being forgotten or ‘left on the shelf’

After all, how can you truly love someone else until you cherish yourself?